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Fitness & Yoga

Our Yoga

All our classes are suitable for mixed level unless noted otherwise. Benefits of yoga deeply access the nervous system to relax, rejuvenate energy levels, calms anxiety.

Gentle Flow Yoga

Gentle slow flow uses breath and movement to focus the mind and body while increasing flexibility and promoting relaxation. This class is ideal for beginners.

Easy Vinyasa Flow

Mixed level class providing the opportunity to stretch, strengthen, unwind or loosen up prior to a bike ride or hike. Also an effective way to decompress from the week.

Active Prana Vinyasa

Designed for active people. This class combines breath with movement to strengthen and open your body. Madeline includes creative prana vinyasa namaskar movement patterns to achieve alignment and harmony in the body. Inspiration for these practices draws on solar, lunar, water, fire, earth and wind elements of natural energetic pathways.

Ashtanga – Inspired

Ashtanga is an ancient system of yoga designed to build strength, endurance and flexibility. Class begins with moving through a series of sun salutations to create heat. Jaime will then lead you through postures practiced in traditional Ashtanga Primary Series. While this class is challenging, demonstrations and modifications are offered to meet the unique needs of each student.

Private Training

Beth Hibschman, who owns and runs Studium B in Danville is available to schedule private training sessions and small training groups., including the incredibly popular BARRE classes.

Please call 802 473-8773 or The Serenity Spa to inquire about scheduling.



1 Hour Class
Maximum 6 people per class
Reservations Recommended
Classes Available Tuesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday