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  • Sep012017

    Spa Manicure versus Manicure

    What is the difference? Why a spa manicure instead of a regular salon or one of the manicure salons? Spa manicures focus on the well being…

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  • Aug292017

    Kingdom Trails Parking

    There is now free Kingdom Trails Parking in the field next to the Inn.  Avoid the crowds in East Burke, and the ride up East Darling…

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  • Aug232017


    Love to ride? Love the outdoors? Want to work in the Kingdom? We have a position open for a Licensed Massage Therapist (weekends, holidays and evenings…

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  • Jul212017

    Essentials for Bug Repellant

    Terra Shield is available at The Stepping Stones Inn, and is an incredible repellant that really works and is organic.   Among these are essential oils…

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  • Jul142017
    Thai Yoga Massage

    About Thai Yoga

    Developed more than 2,000 years ago in Thailand, Thai Bodywork remains a popular technique that incorporates aspects of passive, assisted yoga, acupressure, energy balancing, joint mobilization, rocking and rhythmic…

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  • Jul042017
    manicure pedicure

    Introducing Hand and Foot Care

    We are really pleased to announce that Sharon L. Guy will be joining our staff and beginning work on Thursday, July 6th. Sharon L. Guy is…

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