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Importance of Daily Skincare Regimen

Importance of Daily Skincare Regimen
April 3, 2019 Susan Hanus
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The value of a solid home care regimen:

Cleansing twice a day is crucial to facial skin health. Cleansing starts the regimen process by removing makeup, dust, external free radicals, and excess oil from the surface. Some cleansers have active ingredients such as glycolic acid which aid in the beginning processes of exfoliation. Without cleansing, the products you may apply after will not readily be absorbed and will sit on the surface of the skin and become ineffective.

Exfoliating two to three (depending on exfoliants) times a week helps to remove the dead skin cells from the surface of your face and neck. This results in the ability for products to be readily absorbed and helps to slow down the aging process by increasing cellular turnover.  Exfoliation can be mechanical (use of facial scrubs or devices) or chemical (products containing enzymes or acids) or a combination of both.

Apply a toner when necessary, toners can aid in balancing the pH of the skin which helps to create homeostasis. It reduces irritation, adds hydration, and can help manage bacteria sitting on the skin. Many people will use a toner after they cleanse or exfoliate. There are toners that are great just for use of refreshing your skin on a hot day or even used to set makeup after application.

Use a serum- serums can be one of the most powerful tools in your belt of skin care! They address many issues and can be building/strengthening or corrective/reparative. Many people will even combine a variety of them to boost results. Serums have a smaller molecular structure so that they penetrate further into the skin. These are often best used at night after cleansing but can also be used in the morning.

A moisturizer or hydrator should be applied twice a day as one of the last steps to the daily regimen. Moisturizer is important for everyone to use, even those with oily skin. Professional skincare companies specifically formulate these types of products for the various skin types. For some, all they may need is a lightweight moisturizer, others may need something that is mattifying, oil free, anti-aging with peptides, or even a one that is great for sensitive skin. Moisturizers and hydrators help the facial tissue to remain supple and provide a protective barrier against the elements.

Eye cream or serum is an often forgot about part of a proper regimen. The skin around the orbital area is extremely delicate and is often one of the areas most likely to show aging first. This type of product should be applied with a stippling motion to the orbital area (not in the eye) twice a day.

Sun protection is the last step to a daily regimen. It is crucial as it provides protection from UVA and UVB sun rays which are know to cause cancer from exposure. Many of the products that you will use in your daily routine will have some form of active ingredients in them. This means that there is a higher chance of sun exposure leading to a sun burn which can cause hyperpigmentation (sun spots, sun damage), skin cancer, and also accelerate the aging process. Sunscreen should be applied before any sun exposure, even on a cloudy day. It should be reapplied at least once every hour. It is best to use a skincare professional line for sunscreen as it is formulated for your face, neck, and chest and will not be comedogenic.


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