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How I Protect Myself from the Common Cold

How I Protect Myself from the Common Cold
January 27, 2019 Susan Hanus

I run a spa – a wellness center. Lots of people are around.  Lots of viruses are always around.

Two years after starting this routine, I have not had a serious head cold, sinus infection or even much of a sniffle.  Essential oils help me stay healthy, particularly doTerra’s On Guard.

I was a skeptic. When I first arrived in Vermont, I thought essential oils were for cooking. You know – olive oil, canola oil, et. al….

So, I started using On Guard. I diffuse the oil through a humidifier, I take the On Guard tablets when I feel the start of a cold, and I use On Guard to clean the floor, door handles, showers, and all those other places people touch.

After two years, I have NOT had a bad cold.

There is nothing so special about On Guard. In fact it is a blend of common household spices. Grave robbers during the Bubonic Plague discovered the blend. They then robbed graves of Bubonic Plague victims.

It’s not a secret. Getting the blend right and making it with pure essential oils is the trick. doTerra’s line of OnGuard products is the most effective blend I have used successfully.

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