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It’s important to stay relaxed….

It’s important to stay relaxed….
May 21, 2018 Susan Hanus
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I am typically what my generation calls “Type A”. I crave and work endlessly towards perfection; yet of course never meeting my goal. There is always something more to do.

Last Thursday I had a break through in Yoga. I truly was able to make my body relax. Understand my approach to yoga is to stretch and enhance my ability to keep riding and skiing. Yoga is not a competition for me.

Right after the class I took an hour-long bike ride, and fell down the same cliff that I fell on the last ride last year. I’m good, the bike is good and it’s a silly story to tell.

I am all “zenned out”  between Yoga and the bike ride. My stress level on a bar chart is about a zero. So, I decided to check in with my neighbors and ask them to allow the hedge to grow on my property which shields their property. They had been mowing around the lilac bushes on my property for awhile. I don’t really understand, but I do understand the ensuing conversation.

My fantastical zen-like morning gave me the strength to endure endless profanities thrown at me, endless hate thrown at me, endless tyrannical temper tantrums – all about me, while standing on my property. At some point I completely went into my zen routine and stopped listening.  i walked away emotionally intact. That is what practicing Yoga gives me.

When they finished – I walked away concerned for her stability and yes upset, but in control.

This is what Yoga gives you. A constant practice (2x a week) helps to reduce ones overall stress level. Thus when hit with controversy, you are able to deal with it more readily.


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